An extensive experience both in court and in administered and/or ad hoc arbitrations

Our team assists the clients during the litigation as well as in pre-litigation phase, helping them to find the most effective solutions

LMS has gained a significant experience in all areas of civil, commercial and corporate litigation, both in court and in administered and/or ad hoc arbitrations as well as on white collar crimes and mass tort cases.

LMS developed unique experience in handling complex cases involving the application of foreign laws and technical standards and or coordinating the work of large teams of litigators including leading criminal lawyers both before civil and criminal courts.

We provide assistance in different kinds of litigations, including those concerning industrial accidents and white collar offences, sale and purchase agreements and extraordinary corporate transactions, liability actions against directors, statutory auditors and auditors, litigations concerning contracts, licensing issues, real estate, banking, insurance and finance matters.

We assist our clients both in court and in the management of pre-litigation phase, helping them to adopt effective solutions, including large scale third party adjustments and settlement programmes, with the aim of reducing risks before a litigation starts.

The team collaborates with other LMS professionals offering the clients the best and most integrated expertise in the management of complex situations and in the definition of legal and commercial strategies.