The advisory activity of LMS in corporate compliance has the main purpose of preventing or mitigating the liability of the company in case of commission of one of the crimes provided by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

We provide our clients with the many years of expertise in the implementation and updating of Organisational and Management Models assisting the company in setting out an effective crime prevention system.

The preparation and updating of the Organization, Management and Control Models is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, led by professionals experienced in corporate criminal law and company law, able to guarantee the essential knowledge of the business organization, so as of the internal control systems already present and, above all, of the specific risk processes connected to the reality in which the company operates, ensuring the establishment of an effective system of crime prevention.

The approach adopted by LMS in the Compliance 231 activity involves different types of skills acquired by lawyers following consolidated expertise gained from established experience in this field, including as members and chairmen of Supervisory Bodies (Organismi di Vigilanza) appointed by leading corporate groups.

We acquire, through consolidated methods of auditing, the detailed knowledge of the organization of the company, verifying the adequacy through the understanding of the management and control system present, with a view to preventing the risk of commission of crimes. The LMS Compliance 231 team makes an accurate risk assessment followed by a list of protocols provided in a penal-preventive key, which will then be incorporated into the business procedures that are part of the Organization, Management and Control Model. We also assist the company in the stages following the adoption of the Models, ensuring the necessary training and updating in accordance with new regulations. The Compliance 231 team ensures a high quality standard of work in this fields also thanks to the long experience gained in participation in Supervisory Bodies (Organismi di Vigilanza) and, above all, in defending companies involved in criminal proceedings ex Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, which allow the lawyers to set up an effective prevention of crime-risk based on the knowledge of the related “pathological aspects” emerging from the experience of criminal trial and from the activities carried out within the Supervisory Boy.