LMS Studio Legale with a team composed by our partner Luca Mastromatteo and the associate Salvatore Calì of our Turin Office has assisted Milco Manufacturing in the acquisition of 70% of the stock capital of TEWI S.r.l. Founded in 1950, Milco Manufacturing has grown into one of the leading full-service suppliers of resistance welding equipment in the world. Tewi S.r.l. is one of major Italian manufacturer of different components for welding and copper alloy consumables in the automotive industry. The acquisition has involved LA30Marzo S.s., a special purpose vehicle entirely owned by Gai family, stockholder of Corotrat S.r.l., one of the leading companies in the market of resistance welding manufacturer of machines and equipment.
Tewi and its shareholders have been assisted by Studio Coda, with a team composed by the name partner Roberto Coda and the partner Francesco Cinardo, whilst Gai family has been assisted by Miriana Monetti and Eupragma.

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