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Criminal Law

Compliance 231

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Alessandra Gualazzi is specialised mainly in business criminal law with a background and strong experience in defending cases dealing with corporate crimes, corporate crime liability (ex d.lgs. 231/2001), tax crimes, money laundering offences, workplace injuries and environmental crimes, before all Courts. The long experience of courtroom advocacy and litigation has involved Alessandra in defending cases concerning crimes against public administration, medical liability and international criminal proceedings on confiscation, organized crimes and European arrest warrant.

In such fields, Alessandra Gualazzi practices also as legal advisor in criminal matters, specifically in corporate crime liability and connected offences, with a significant expertise in preparing and implementing Organisational and Management Model (d.lgs. 231/2001), giving companies legal advice on the management of criminal risks. Alessandra is also Chairman of Supervisory Bodies (Organismi di Vigilanza) in primary companies active in the fields of energy services sector, waste disposal and construction, with a wide experience in training people on prevention of corporate crimes.

Alessandra has previously worked as Partner of a reputable Italian criminal Law Firm.

She is the author of many articles and essays dealing with criminal law procedure, also in comparative prospective, published in relevant domestic and foreign law reviews and specialized books. She has taken part of international research groups and projects for the in-depth study of domestic and compared criminal law and criminal law procedure.


Italian Bar, 2006
PhD, Domestic and compared Criminal Procedure, University of Urbino-University of Cambridge, 2006
Law Degree, Criminal Procedure, Magna cum Laude, 2002



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