LMS Studio Legale, with its partner Matteo Bascelli and PhD counsel Elena Grigò, together with associate Riccardo Di Carlo, assisted the creditor class, mainly banks and financial intermediaries specialized in the management of UTP and NPL receivables, in the reorganization of the group of companies headed by Edra Costruzioni Soc. Coop., based in Ancona, a company in the building sector that operates as a general contractor in the civil construction, public works and tourist accommodation sectors. The re-launch of the Edra group is also made possible by access to “emergency” finance pursuant to article 13 of Law no. 40 of 5 June 2020 (“Liquidity Decree”), guaranteed by the “Fondo centrale di garanzia PMI” (Central SME Guarantee Fund) pursuant to article 2, paragraph 100, letter a) of Law no. 662 of 23 December 2020, which is being further strengthened by Law no. 178 of 30 December 2020 (“Budget Law”); Fingiaco S.p.A. developed the business plan and the financial action plan.

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