Join Noor Kadhim, Leonardo Carpentieri and Megan Noh as they discuss what the pandemic means for the performance of artwork-related contracts in various global art market hubs. There is much concern about whether transactions may satisfactorily be performed or whether a party can get out of meeting its obligations either through a specific clause in their contract that excuses their performance (a “force majeure” or hardship clause), or through the operation of general principles of law (for instance, frustration). In particular, arts transactions are affected because the art market (which involves the transport of art across borders, and physical inspection) is particularly vulnerable to the new government social distancing restrictions.

Leonardo Carpentieri will join two co-panellists to discuss these issues in a webinar on Friday, April 24th. click here.

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Date: Friday, 24 April 2020

Time: 5:00pm GMT+1

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