“We are glad to publish and share LMS contribution for the Italian chapter in “Law & Practice” and “Trends & Developments” sections of Chambers Insolvency 2021 Guide.

As is weel known, the two sections of the essay have different contents and aims, specifically;

– The “Law & Practice” section aims to provide clients with the legal insight required to make practical business decisions in key jurisdictions;

– The “Trends & Developments” section aims to provide clients with a concise account of any issues that are currently of note in the market and are valuable considerations for clients who wish to do business in the specific jurisdiction.

The essay fits in an historical period in which the Italian legislator (even if it is an EU-wide trend) is pushed in the most relevant legislative reforms by different and often antithetical forces – social, political and financial; the consequential output is that provisions of law appear to be, at the same time and in an apparently irreconcilable way, creditor oriented as well as debtor oriented; LMS work sets as a goal to return to its reader a consistent and coherent understanding of the Italian insolvency and restructuring system in a newly harmonized framework”.

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Chambers Global Practice Guides Insolvency 2021

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